Lancer Dining Services provides exceptional food service for child care centers. We believe that the simple act of breaking bread together, even at a young age, is an essential social experience that can nurture positive interpersonal relationships. The ritual of sharing a meal is essential to a strong and vibrant social community.

Lancer Dining Services provides on-site and daily meal delivery to child care centers throughout the Twin Cities area. We will work with you to create a dining program that is right for you…fresh, wholesome and cost-effective. Through our experience serving children we have created kid-friendly meals that meet the Child and Adult Care Food Program, Minnesota Department of Education guidelines and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards for accredited centers.

Lancer actively pursues and implements every practice established by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

Documents provided include a daily production record required by the MDE and approved by Food and Nutrition Services, menus, portion guides, sanitation guidelines, serving guidelines and temperature log templates. As your partner, Lancer will provide you will all other documentation, as needed and required by MDE to ensure that your program is running smoothly and is in full compliance with the MDE as well as your local health department.

In developing our breakfast, lunch and snack menus, it is our goal to maximize the nutritional value of the food we serve and provide the appropriate textures for all age groups. We offer a large variety of whole grains, vegetables and fruits that provide the energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber that are required for good health. We develop menus that have moderate sugar, salt and sodium levels and minimal levels of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. Lancer only uses cooking oils for meal preparation that are trans-fat free.

At the same time, we know that our menus need to be interesting, flavorful and fun so that everyone will enjoy them and look forward to meal time as a time when they get recharged and energized for the rest of their day.

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