Lancer Dining Services is a stable, experienced company with the culinary skill and resources to provide an exceptional and nutritious food program. We understand the importance of providing meals to meet special dietary needs. We offer assistance with special nutritional needs, vegetarian and specific allergen meals.

Lancer promotes nutritional education through interdisciplinary activities, curriculum and acts as a resource on special diet needs. We strive to foster a community of healthy habits among generations and the diverse group we serve. We share a growing concern for the eating habits of children, as well as adults, and we feel that, as a food service provider, we must be proactive and promote healthy eating habits. We provide nutritional education that is engaging, informative and easy to understand.

Most importantly the food that is served demonstrates that nutritionally sound food can also be food that everyone will eat and enjoy.
We continue to develop menus which meet these values set by our own nutrition and culinary team.
• Fresh vegetables and fruits
• Locally harvested produce when feasible
• Natural foods and high quality meats
• Products with moderate sugar and sodium levels
• Whole grain breads and cereals
• Low-fat dairy, non-dairy and 100% juice beverage options
• Cooking techniques that preserve flavor and nutrition
• Cooked products that are baked or steamed, never fried
• Derive less than 10% from saturated fat
• Contain less than 300 mg of cholesterol per day
• Minimal grams trans fats per serving
• Using our extensive customer base to buy more efficiently
• Buying locally produced and harvested items whenever feasible
• Minimizing waste and establishing guidelines on portion control
• Reacting quickly to opportunities or problems, as only a small, local company can do

Our Program Includes:

Professional handouts presenting nutrition information of our menus to easily reference or share with inquiring caregivers. Flyers and posters for fun, educational purposes in the classroom or display in the dining room. This is an exciting opportunity to promote healthy eating options.

For our Educational Food Service

A fruit and vegetable of the month initiative with corresponding nutritional information & recipes to share on each fruit or vegetable.

A quarterly educational foodservice newsletter for our business partners with updates on MDE nutrition programs, seasonal nutrition tips and recipes.
Promotions and contests to get your children and students excited about good nutrition!

For Senior Dining

Clearly marked heart-healthy, diabetic and renal friendly meals that make it easy to thrive on a healthful diet.
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