Sourcing Earth-Friendly Products

Whenever possible and economically feasible, Lancer will source paper, plastic, single use, and office supply products that are made from post-consumer recycled materials where performance, quality and durability are equal to equivalent products made from virgin materials.

Farm to School

Lancer sources products from local, independent and sustainable farmers whenever possible. Lancer models sustainability with our Farm to School program in our food service operations by sourcing products from local growers, farms and suppliers who demonstrate sustainable practices. We promote menu offerings that have a low carbon footprint, reducing the solid waste produced by our operation and recycling all possible materials.

Eating locally grown and produced food not only reduces the consumption of fossil fuels in the transport of food products over long distances, but also often eliminates wasteful packing materials. This will also help us reduce the use of pre-packaged, processed food items on our menu.

Environmental Sustainability

Lancer recognizes the critical role a food service provider plays in fostering understanding and enabling participation in a campus wide sustainability effort. As a company, we use local suppliers and reduce transportation costs, support food production processes that eliminate pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms, source hormone free and antibiotic free milk, and purchase products from fair-trade producers (i.e. coffee bean producers who guarantee living wages for their growers) whenever possible.


Lancer takes an active role in maintaining an environmentally-friendly food service operation.